Dara Roth Edney works with individuals, couples and families who are experiencing primary or secondary infertility and/or seeking assisted fertility options for reasons other than infertility (i.e. sexual orientation/gender identity, relationship status, medical conditions).

Dara believes strongly that having a child is a basic right of choice and works from an anti-discriminatory perspective. She offers support to anyone who comes to her in their journey to become a parent or to expand their family, and can help with emotional counselling due to loss and grief, as well as more pragmatic decision-making guidance.

Dara also works with egg donors, sperm donors, surrogates and embryo donors as they fulfill their goal of helping someone else become a parent.

Dara’s clients come from all over the world and she works closely with well-respected clinics, doctors, lawyers, supporting agencies and community organizations, as well as other professionals, as clients navigate the assisted fertility journey.