Egg Donors/Sperm Donors/Surrogates

Assessments for Egg Donors, Sperm Donors and Surrogates are conducted in a respectful manner.  Dara works with donors and surrogates to:

  • prepare emotionally, physically and logistically for their journey

  • provide solutions to potential and actual challenges

  • set the foundation for an appropriate and positive arrangement with Intended Parent(s)

  • identify any concerns

  • determine if they are suitable and ready to move forward

When Known Donors and Surrogates have partners, Dara also includes them in the discussion.  She takes the time to address any concerns they have and sets out clear steps to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Implications Counselling/Assessments are always an important step in 3rd party arrangements, but especially so with known donors/surrogates.  You will be in each other’s lives in the future so discussing expectations and concerns with a counsellor before a pregnancy takes place is essential in ensuring positive outcomes for everyone.