Disclosure Support

Based on advice from government & health officials about the importance of social distancing to reduce overburdening our healthcare system, I am holding appointments virtually until we are advised otherwise. Ensuring counselling supports are available as usual, along with protecting everyone's health and safety, are my top priorities. Please rest assured that my office hours will remain the same, and that virtual appointments via ZOOM (a free, secure video calling app) work very well.

Many people have questions or concerns about how and when to tell a child they were born with the help of donor eggs or sperm and/or a surrogate.  Dara is able to provide concrete solutions and suggest resources personalized to fit specific family, social and cultural needs.  Dara can also work with other family members who have concerns regarding disclosure, such as grandparents.

Dara is also available to support Donors and Surrogates who would like assistance in explaining their role in the creation of someone else's family.