Donor & Surrogate

Assessments for Egg Donors, Sperm Donors, Embryo Donors and Surrogates (Traditional Surrogates and Gestational Carriers) are conducted in a respectful manner and open-minded atmosphere. While these evaluations are clinic required as part of the overall medical screening in order to move forward as a Donor or Surrogate, we provide this service with the additional goal of improving patient awareness of the process, answering questions, and identifying Donor and Surrogate uncertainties or concerns.

When a Known Donor, Traditional Surrogate or Gestational Carrier has a partner, it is a clinic requirement that they also participate in the assessment. As such, after an initial conversation with the Donor/Surrogate alone, partners are included in the 2nd half of the discussion. During this time, we strive to address partners’ apprehensions and hopes, facilitate informed choice and clarify steps to ensure a positive experience for everyone should things move forward as planned.

This type of appointment is typically completed for Anonymous Egg Donors in one 60-minute session, and for Known Donors and Surrogates in one 90-minute session, though occasionally a 2nd appointment of 30-60 minutes may be required.

3rd Party Assessments are an important (and clinic required) step prior to moving forward, and this includes with Known Donors/Surrogates who will be part of the resulting child’s life into the future. Discussing expectations and concerns with a trained Reproductive Counsellor from the start is essential in ensuring positive outcomes for everyone or in some situations, identifying concerns which may result in new pathway choices.

During a 3rd Party Assessment, Dara and Blair both work closely with Donors and Surrogates to:

  • Gain an understanding of current and past personal and family histories
  • Identify and assess risks
  • Explore short and long-term goals
  • Help set cycle expectations
  • Prepare emotionally, medically and logistically
  • Answer questions, provide information and identify concerns
  • Provide solution options to potential and actual challenges
  • Set the foundation for an appropriate and positive relationship with Intended Parent(s), when appliable
  • Determine if they are suitable and ready to move forward
  • Explore if ongoing supports/additional information would be beneficial moving forward
Careful notes are taken during the session and a detailed assessment report summarizing discussion points and highlighting concerns is sent to the fertility clinic (and if applicable, the Intended Parent(s) and/or 3rd Party agency), typically within 2 weeks of the session date. Please note that a consent form authorizing the writing and release of this report is required in advance of this type of appointment. Donors and Surrogates may also request a copy of their report in writing.

Please note that some clinics require a separate, joint session with Intended Parent(s) and their Known Donor/Surrogate, and all clinics support this additional appointment when significant concerns are identified in initial sessions. Please check with us and/or your fertility clinic for more information in this regard.

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