Donors and Surrogates

Donor and Surrogacy Support

Based on government and health official regulations, all appointments will be held virtually until we are advised to return to normal activities. Ensuring counselling supports are available, along with protecting everyone’s health and safety, are my top priorities. Rest assured that my office hours will remain the same, and that video call appointments work very well.

Deciding to become an egg or sperm donor, or a gestational carrier is a big decision, with the potential for short and long-term implications. In addition to the required assessments, which take place after a decision has been made to move forward, support is also available to donors and carriers at any point in their journey. Dara is always available to work with donors and surrogates to:

  • Facilitate a better understanding of what is involved in being a donor or carrier prior to making any commitments, so as to make an informed choice about whether or not to move forward;
  • Explore some of the more complex concerns they may have in a known donor/surrogacy arrangement;
  • Offer support in talking to partners, children or other family in understanding and supporting their choice to help someone else have a family;
  • Navigate challenges and/or conflicts that can develop during a donor/surrogacy journey;
  • Work through any complicated emotions and/or situations that arise after the donor/carrier journey is completed.

Fees for donor and surrogate support may be covered under allowable expenses, depending on individual contracts between donors/surrogates and Intended Parents. For more information, call Dara to explain your personal situation, or if a contract is already in place, review the section on expenses relating counselling. Please note that if full confidentiality is requested, fees can be paid directly and then receipts submitted to one’s own employee benefits or for income tax deductions.