Informed Fertility provides counselling to loved ones wanting to better understand how to support their family member or friend experiencing infertility or perinatal loss, as well as needing a safe space to explore their own complex feelings.

We work with extended family members (i.e. grandparents, siblings, adult children, etc) struggling to understand or accept family building plans that include donation and/or surrogacy, have specific concerns about known agreements or disclosure, or platonic co-parenting arrangements. We counsel individuals and couples wishing to explore these feelings on their own, or together with their loved ones, in a facilitated, non-biased, therapeutic way.

Counselling is also available for family members of donors or surrogates who are struggling to understand the choices of their loved ones, if concern arise during or after the donation/pregnancy, as well as if conflicts arise between couples or other family members due to stressors in a donor or surrogate arrangement. We can help in explaining the role of a Donor or Surrogate to family members, including children and offer support to partners, children or other family members in understanding and supporting the choice to be a Donor or Surrogate.

Informed Fertility is also proud to offer counselling supports to donor conceived adults needing to explore their own feelings about the manner in which they were conceived, through individual sessions, or group counselling with family members.

This type of counselling is client-led, based on your concerns/questions and can be 60 or 90 minutes as well as individual, couple or group. Our recommendation for a first counselling appointment is 90-minutes, since there is so much to cover in getting to know your history and discussing the counselling goals/plan before you get to the “work” of the session. In such a case, subsequent appointments would be 50-minutes in duration.

General Counselling for family, friends and donor conceived adults is optional and confidential (within the bounds of the law).

Counselling is tailored to people’s specific needs/situation and can be beneficial anytime, as a singular session or ongoing support.

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