Support For Intended Parent(s)

Emotional Support/Decision-Making Guidance

Based on government and health official regulations, all appointments will be held virtually until we are advised to return to normal activities. Ensuring counselling supports are available, along with protecting everyone’s health and safety, are my top priorities. Rest assured that my office hours will remain the same, and that video call appointments work very well.

Infertility affects every aspect of one’s life and many find it an isolating and devastating experience.  Dara offers one-time or ongoing support for individuals and couples and can help with issues such as:

  • Emotions common with primary or secondary infertility, e.g. grief, loss, anger, jealousy, guilt, self-image, isolation

  • Failed insemination/IVF cycle

  • Miscarriage, prenatal, perinatal loss

  • Decision-making regarding treatment options and next steps

  • Maintaining support networks and establishing boundaries

  • Developing strategies to manage family/social events, workplace interactions and holidays

  • Stress-reduction and mindfulness techniques

Couples counselling can cover these topics, and may also include a focus on intimacy, sexuality, self-esteem, blame/guilt, communication, expectations, and finances.

Dara also supports individuals, couples and families accessing assisted fertility options for reasons other than infertility.  Topics may include those mentioned above, as well as:

  • Issues and resources specific to single men or women, such as: donor selection, disclosure, communities of support, etc.

  • Issues and resources specific to LGBTQ individuals/couples/families, such as: family of origin/choice, issues of biology/genetics, donor selection, legal issues, homophobia/transphobia, etc.

Counselling is tailored to people’s specific needs/situation and can be beneficial at the start of and/or through the insemination/IVF process, even when infertility is not a factor.