Support For Intended Parent(s)

Emotional Support/Decision-Making Guidance

Infertility affects every aspect of one’s life and many find it an isolating and devastating experience.  Dara offers one-time or ongoing support for individuals and couples and can help with issues such as:

  • Emotions common with primary or secondary infertility, e.g. grief, loss, anger, jealousy, guilt, self-image, isolation

  • Failed insemination/IVF cycle

  • Miscarriage, prenatal, perinatal loss

  • Decision-making regarding treatment options and next steps

  • Maintaining support networks and establishing boundaries

  • Developing strategies to manage family/social events, workplace interactions and holidays

  • Stress-reduction and mindfulness techniques

Couples counselling can cover these topics, and may also include a focus on intimacy, sexuality, self-esteem, blame/guilt, communication, expectations, and finances.

Dara also supports individuals, couples and families accessing assisted fertility options for reasons other than infertility.  Topics may include those mentioned above, as well as:

  • Issues and resources specific to single men or women, such as: donor selection, disclosure, communities of support, etc.

  • Issues and resources specific to LGBTQ individuals/couples/families, such as: family of origin/choice, issues of biology/genetics, donor selection, legal issues, homophobia/transphobia, etc.

Counselling is tailored to people’s specific needs/situation and can be beneficial at the start of and/or through the insemination/IVF process, even when infertility is not a factor.