What People are Saying

about Dara

* names/initials and quotes have been by permission

“Dara listens with compassion and provides support without judgment.  Her life experience combined with her academic training make her uniquely qualified to understand and help navigate the challenging journey of infertility.  Her wisdom and empathy helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life.”
– Liz, Ontario, Canada

“I cannot thank you enough for the work you did with our surrogate.  I just read your report and was blown away by your expertise.  Not only did you confirm for me what I knew and felt about her and her family, but you also provided clear direction regarding how to maintain and develop our relationship.  Being so new to surrogacy and knowing few Intended Moms, it is invaluable to hear from a professional who has also experienced the personal side of surrogacy.  Again, thank you!”
– Michelle, Ontario, Canada

“Just a little mail to say you: THANK YOU SO MUCH (“du fond du coeur”) for your very warm welcome. We are so happy, full of hope. This is the first time we feel supported and understood… Thank you for your advice, your words. Everything was perfect!  We will not hesitate to contact you throughout our project.”
– Safir & Cyril, France

“It was a real pleasure to talk to Dara. We felt at ease immediately and the first embarrassment went away very quickly. We really enjoyed the suggestions on how to approach the whole process, now and in the future…  Much appreciated!”
– E & P, London, England

“Before we met with Dara, my relationship with my Intended Parents had gotten rough in terms of communication.  But Dara was easy to work with and helped us all find what worked for each of us!  I would definitely use her services again.  Dara’s great support helped our journey become a wonderful memory.”
– Tarama, Ontario, Canada

“The first time we spoke…you had questions for my husband and I to answer for us to proceed with surrogacy.  We spoke again just before I was going to deliver –  I was very upset that I might need a c-section.  You talking me through it made me feel so good. The words you gave were so comforting.  The part I loved the most is that you were an ear to listen.  You had great answers for me and knew the perfect thing to say. You understood what I was going through and how I was thinking… You reassured me.”
–  Becky, Ontario, Canada

“There are many steps to ensuring surrogacy is not only right for you and your family, but for the Intended Parents.  My assessment with Dara was very natural.  She not only asked questions but listened. It wasn’t a one-way conversation where I was doing all the talking. Dara was genuinely interested in myself, my life, my thoughts and what concerns I had. Thank you, Dara for your insight and being part of this next chapter of my and my Intended Parents life.”
– Jennifer, Ontario, Canada

“I thought Dara was the only one to ask questions of the unthinkable, to challenge and see through what Donors such as my self were thinking. She asked questions that people were afraid to ask me – questions that actually made me realize how much I had thought about the program and the post term effect of what I would be doing. She made me realize the whole outcome of every event if it were to take place. Dara was so easy and comfortable to talk with… She was very detailed and very thorough. I BELIEVE HER ASSESSMENT IS VERY VALUABLE TO ANY DONOR, AND A MUST! Dara’s services have opened my eyes fully, and made me realize what I was doing was life changing not only for me but for the wonderful couple I was helping.”
– Jade, Pretoria, South Africa

“When I spoke to Dara about being an egg donor I found her to be thoughtful and insightful. I quickly felt at ease with her. I felt that she treated me with respect, listened to what I had to say, and provided helpful feedback. She is knowledgeable about the process of egg donation and raised useful questions that I had not considered. Speaking with her was a helpful step that has made me feel even more sure of my decision to be an egg donor. I found her to be honest, insightful, and respectful.”
– Bryn, Alberta, Canada

“Even though I had been thinking about egg donation for a while, Dara helped me identify new questions I should ask to make sure everything was clear between the doctor, the parents, and myself. During our interview, she went through every step of the process and gave me good practical advice about some things that were still abstract for me.  If you are considering egg donation, I recommend talking to Dara because I think she can really help you ponder over every aspect of the process.”
– Amelie, Quebec, Canada

“Numerous patients of ReproMed have been counselled by Dara over the years.  We have always been impressed by her thoroughness and attention to detail addressing not only the psychological needs of the patient but the psycho-social needs as well.  She is very engaging, compassionate, and establishes a good rapport with those she works with.  Her follow-up and support shows that she is always willing to go the extra mile in the best interest of the patient.”
– Dr. Alfonso Del Valle, MD, FRCS, Medical Director, The Toronto Institute for Reproductive Medicine (ReproMed)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Dara’s work is of the highest caliber and professionalism. When we collaborate with Dara her assessments are always thorough, thoughtful, and truly geared toward facilitating the process for the individual or couple.”
– Dr. Neal Mahutte, MD FRCS, Director, The Montreal Fertility Centre
Montreal, Quebec  Canada

“I received your assessment on (Gestational Surrogate).  I thought it was an excellent report – and thank you for it.  I’d welcome any opportunity to work with you – and will be grateful for your assessment and assistance with any patients considering 3rd party parenting who may come to VFC.”
– Dr. Stephen Hudson MD FRCS, Medical Director, Victoria Fertility Centre
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“As a lawyer working in the field of third party reproductive technology for the past twenty years, I understand and value the role of a good counsellor. I routinely refer clients to Dara for counselling, assessments or if needed mediation, as I am confident that she will provide sound advice in a way that is respectful and helpful to each particular client.  She is knowledgeable and compassionate and provides her clients with sound, practical help regardless of where they may find themselves in their journey. I only refer my clients to people whom I trust absolutely, and I never hesitate to send a client to Dara.”
– Sherry Levitan, B.Sc., LL.B, Fertility Lawyer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Dara’s outgoing personality is well suited to her profession.  She is a wonderful sounding board and based in her personal experience, is able to be objective and yet still offer support and suggestions to everyone.  Her compassion to Intended Parents is evident.  Couples are put at ease immediately.  When speaking to potential Surrogates, she alleviates any nervousness that they may have and is very approachable.  I often hear from the people that Dara has spoken to, to let me know that their experience with her was very positive, and they were pleased to have received so much helpful information.  I have been thrilled with the work Dara has done for CSO, including her detailed reports.  I have no hesitation ever in sending our clients to her, and hope to continue our business relationship for a very long time.”
– Joanne Wright, President, Canadian Surrogacy Options, Inc.
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

“When we started Little Miracles, we knew that by the time couples came to us, they were emotionally drained. So we needed the people that we recommended to be compassionate and empathetic to their needs.  Dara is definitely all that and more.  She is able to understand the bigger picture and use her expertise to see both sides.  She has always been able to support both the needs of Intended Parents as well as our potential egg donors, which can be a very fine line.  This is very sensitive reproductive area, and Dara has been nothing short of remarkable with the respect and caring she shows everyone involved.  Dara brings her life experiences to bear, and while passionate about what she does, her background and research expertise have made her one of the most knowledgeable counsellors in the field.”
– Robyn Price, Egg Donor Coordinator, Little Miracles
Guelph, Ontario, Canada